realtors partner with simply residential property management

Last month, we listed the basic benefits that several professionals in the real estate industry can experience from a partnership with Simply Residential Property Management. In the next few months we’ll be discussing those benefits in detail within our print magazine and online as well. First and foremost, we wanted to be sure to address our current and potential realtor partners.

How can you benefit from a relationship with Simply Residential? Before we get into that, take a second to consider the following:

  • Have you ever had an overpriced listing?
  • Have you ever lost a listing?
  • Have you ever sold a property as an investment?
  • Do you have clients that kept a starter property as a rental?
  • Do you have a personal relationship with a property management company that benefits you and your clients?

If you answered yes to these questions, but no to the last question, you may be missing opportunities to make a profit for your clients and yourself! With winter approaching, the real estate industry is preparing to slow down. That decrease in sales can mean a significant opportunity for your clients.

Instead of letting their property sit on the market waiting for the right person to come along, consider renting it out. Even if it’s just for one year, that’s 12 months of rent collected in place of letting it sit vacant.

When the time does come to sell the property, we turn that listing back over to the realtor who gave us the referral. Our partners retain their listings, and since we don’t engage in buy/sell there’s no competition. We don’t want to take the listing from you, we simply want to help your client manage their property until they are ready or able to sell.

Buying a property is one of the largest financial and emotional investments that a person makes in their lifetime. During that process, we want your clients to understand and be able to take advantage of every opportunity available to them and we know you want that for them too.

Additionally, for each new owner you refer to us, we’ll give you a referral bonus once the management agreement is signed and we have a tenant placed in the property!

If you want to learn more about partnering with Simply Residential, visit our partner page or email us today!

[Photo Credit: Bunches and Bits {Karina} via Flickr]