Frequently Asked Questions about Simply Residential Property Management

Q: What determines the rent for my property?

A: Ultimately the local rental market. We will make a rent recommendation based on our market analysis of your property and the current market conditions and competition. You will determine the final rent prior to advertising the property.

Q. How much does it cost to get started?
A. Simply Residential Property Management has a variety of services and options so we can cater a package specifically for you.

Please call 952-893-9900 to learn more about our property management services.

Q. Who pays for the marketing of  my property?
A. We pay for all signage and labor costs related to marketing your property for rent. We will also place your property on our and many other rental websites and our rental listing hot sheet as part of our service. If the owner wants additional advertising the owner pays for additional Internet or local periodicals costs.

Q: What is typically involved in preparing a property to be rented?
A: Generally, you should expect to make the property move-in ready for a renter. Your property will rent quicker and demand a higher rental value if it is in good condition.
The rental property needs to be clean and everything in operable order. It is recommended that the paint is clean and consistent with neutral colors. Appliances should be working, smoke detectors working, keys copied, heat and air units cleaned, windows washed. Carpet should be clean and free of debris or odors. Should you need property management assistance with this we can provide a maintenance technician to help.

Q: Do I need a rental License?
A: Rental licenses are usually required by the city in which the property is located. Your local team can help with getting the correct paperwork to meet all local requirements.

Q: How are renters selected?
A: Our property management team performs background checks that are thorough and comprehensive to ensure we select quality renters. We carefully screen each prospective renter application and verify rental history, employment, and obtain a report which includes credit, evictions and criminal history.

Please see Fair Housing Statement which ensures we comply with Federal and State Laws.

Q: Who takes care of the legal papers and signing of leases and addendums?
A: Our property managers will handle all of the paper work on the owners behalf.

Q. How long does it take?
A. If your property is priced correctly, vacancy rates are usually less than 30 days during summer months. With our expert experience and technology we can price your property correctly and get it rented to quality renters, FAST. Seasonal issues can slow the process if it gets exceptionally cold.

Q. Do the renters know my name, phone and address?
A. No, the contract is between us and the renter. You won’t be getting phone calls in the middle of the night for maintenance or complaints about the neighbors dogs.

Q. Do you check on the rental property while the renter is living there?
A. Yes, our trained maintenance technicians check the property quarterly for damages, unauthorized occupants, and unauthorized pets and can change the furnace filters. This service helps with preventative maintenance and renter responsibility in maintaining the property.

Q: Who pays for utilities, maintenance and repairs to my property?
A: The renter pays for all electric, sewer/water, gas and garbage costs unless stated different in the lease. The owner pays for maintenance and repairs, unless in rare cases the renter has agreed to assume responsibility. The owner also is responsible for yearly property taxes and insurance.

Q. What if I am living out of state?
A. Over 50% of our clients who own houses, apartment or condos for rent live out of state and with our effective agent communication you can have peace of mind while we care for your investment. You can also check your account 24/7 with our online portal.

Q. What is the Eviction guarantee?
A: With owners that are part of our Eviction Protection Plan, we handle and pay for the entire eviction up to the hearing. Owners that are not part of it we will assist in coordinating, but the cost would be up to the Owner.

Do you have additional questions about property management and what we offer? Please call 952-893-9900 to speak to a member of the sales team!

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