Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar; flickr.com/photos/katerha/

April showers, May flowers and outdoor chores.

Sprinkler Systems
After a winter hibernation, it’s time for those sleeping irrigation systems to wake up. But the process involves more than just turning on the outdoor faucet. The soil should be thawed 12 inches below the surface and the air that has built up in irrigation pipes over the winter needs to be slowly released. Simply Residential’s expert technicians can ensure the process is smooth, safe and stress-free.

Cleaning gutters is a nasty bi-product of home ownership. But Simply Residential is happy to help. Just in time for spring showers, we’ll get those gutters flowing and pushing rain drainage away from the property’s foundation.

Property and Lawn Care
When winter gives way to spring, lawns aren’t usually left in the best condition. April is a good time to spruce up property. Simply Residential is your source for cleaning up fall/winter debris, weeding, seeding, planting and insect control. We approach your lawn delicately, ensuring that raking and even general foot traffic doesn’t disrupt wet soil or harm new grass roots.

Spring Appliance/Equipment Tune-ups
Schedule tune-ups for those warmer-weather appliances/equipment, like the air conditioner, lawn mower and weed trimmer. Lean on Simply Residential to get those appliances and equipment ready to go for when they are needed.

It’s spring and Simply Residential is here to help! Contact us today by email at maintenance@simplyres.com or by phone at 952-893-9900!