How simply residential property management protects your rental property

Ensuring the safety of what is arguably the largest and most important investment you’ll make in your life is something that we take very seriously at Simply Residential. Here are a few of the services we provide to make sure that your property is protected and being used in a responsible and non-destructive way:

Every month we send an email to our tenants to ask them about any maintenance needs. This email includes a list of seasonally appropriate things to check. Since many renters haven’t owned their own home, we take the time to educate them about what they need to look out for and when.

With this optional service, we go to your property once per quarter to change your furnace filter. While we’re there, we do a property walk-through to determine if there are any lease violations on the part of the tenant that need to be addressed.

This optional service allows us to perform a full assessment of your property and identify any maintenance issues that may come up in the next year. That information allows us to plan out and budget for necessary maintenance needs so you don’t end up having to pay all of the costs at the same time.

Move-in, Move-out
When a tenant moves in, the first thing we do is a walk-though of your property to make thorough notes of its condition, including extensive photographic documentation, with the new tenant. We then collect the tenant’s signature for verification that they were present and agree with our findings. Upon move out, we do the same walk-through to assess for any changes in the condition of your property. This walk-through is fully and extensively documented with photos and covers over 70 points within your property.

No matter what time it is, or the nature of the issue, we have a team of full time, professional maintenance technicians who are available 24/7/365 to our tenants. This allows us to quickly and efficiently rectify any damaging problems and handle emergency needs immediately so they don’t escalate or create more problems in the future. This makes it convenient for tenants to report any problems with the property at any time, which is their responsibility per the signed lease agreement.

Taking care of your property is our first priority. If you’re interested in learning more about our optional annual walk-through and/or quarterly furnace filter change and lease violation check service call us today!

Contact our Maintenance Department: or 952-715-6183.