Ron Huckabee President Simply Residential Property ManagementWe are very thankful for each of our clients and associates. Your loyalty over the past seven years is much appreciated. 2014 was a transitional year with many positive changes. Our new look supports that 2015 is proving to be even more exciting! We have introduced more services. Allow me to name a few rolled out in the first quarter:

New Monthly Magazine! Our monthly magazine is created with the intent to educate our clients and partners about industry related information and trends.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys! We know we can’t be the best-in class property management company without your feedback! Expect to see a survey upon completion of all maintenance related work orders as well as twice during the lease cycle. The input from you via surveys ensures our ability to continually deliver top-notch service.

Complimentary Preventative Maintenance Walk-Through! In an effort to keep your property up-to-date, our Maintenance Team performed a review of your property early this year. This review resulted in a report back to you with recommendations on maintenance and updates that should be done right away or at some point over the next 12 months. Our goal is to help prepare you with a plan for repairs/updates over the next year versus having to worry about maintenance costs all at once. We’e being proactive, instead of reactive.

Increased Rents! Over the last seven years our economy has realized many ups and downs leaving many owners reluctant to raise rents for fear of losing a tenant. In the past year, we have focused on bringing all properties to fair market with great results. In completing a full market analysis on all properties that are due for renewal, we have raised rents anywhere from $50 to $300 per month. This focus has increased cash flow and profitability for many of our clients. We foresee more opportunity with this in the coming year.

The Property Management business has many moving parts. From marketing, leasing, maintenance, accounting to legal… I couldn’t do this without a great
team. I’m proud of each employee as they all work diligently to help provide best-in-class service day in and day out. Our upcoming magazines will introduce each one of our team members so, be sure to watch for that in the months to come!

I personally appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve your property management needs. If you want to stay up to date with the property management industry, our magazine will provide a higher level of communication with regards to new services, seasonal nuances, market conditions and trends. Subscribe here today!

If you have questions about your rental property, or want to learn more about the additional services we provide for our clients, call me and let’s chat: 952-831-5300.