The middle of the month rolls around. You lace up your best running shoes, you stretch, and then sprint to mailbox in hopes of finding this month’s issue of Simply Residential Property Management magazine. It’s been a solid monthly workout for you. You really had your heart rate going. But beginning this spring you’ll need to diversify your exercise regimen.


It’s true, our magazine will be moving from a monthly publication to a quarterly publication. Twelve magazine issues per year will become four magazine issues per year.


The magazine will print each June, September, December and March.


This change will allow our publication’s content to align with the seasonal nature of the industry.


Don’t worry. You’ll receive the same great content you’re used to! We’ll continue to provide updates on the national and local Twin Cities rental and real estate markets. We’ll also have helpful landlord tips regarding maintenance, legal issues and more. Make sure to check out our website blog for relevant information. Visiting our website doesn’t even require your sneakers!