It’s common knowledge that first impressions are important, and that you never get a second chance to make it a great one. This fact holds true for your rental property as well. When prospective tenants first arrive at your property, many will have already made a decision about whether or not they like it by the time the get to the front door. While having a warm, welcoming interior is a must, your property must also have a certain degree of curb appeal to inspire potential renters to get inside in the first place. So, how do you up your curb appeal? Here are a few easy steps.

Clean Up Your Act

A clean rental property is a happy rental property! When considering your curb appeal, take a the following into consideration: Is your property in need of a new coat of paint? Do the windows need washing? Is the lawn trimmed to a level that makes your property look lived in? As simple as they are, these factors can mean the difference between a tenant walking away or putting down a deposit there and then.

It’s OK to Be Garden Variety, Sometimes

Not all of us have green thumbs, but if you happened to be blessed with the talent, having a garden at your rental property will make it look beautiful to future renters and will also add value to the property itself. Bright flowers, an open garden plan and a well maintained lawn can all go a long way in ensuring those viewing your home can see themselves living there. If you’re less inclined to garden, simple hanging plants or even some cool new landscaping can also improve the perception of your property right off the bat.

Don’t Keep Up with the Joneses

While you can make the exterior of your own property stand out with just a few quick improvements, it’s more difficult when it’s your neighbor’s property that stands out for the wrong reasons. Sometimes you’ll have a neighbor that finds stray auto parts and yard gnomes to be the cutting edge in exterior design. There’s not a lot you can do in the way of improving their taste in decor, but you can find a way to help detract the attention of your prospective tenant from the neighbor’s home to your own. If it’s truly terrible, you may want to consider erecting a partition or fence to help block the view from your yard.

The Rental Property Golden Rule

On the same ticket as ‘treat others how you’d like to be treated’ — make your rental property a place that you’d enjoy renting yourself. Remember, the same reason this property seemed so appealing you in the first place could be the same reason tenants want to live in it. When trying to increase your property’s curb appeal, think of what would make it more enticing to you. A garden chair swing, hammock or built in barbecue could add that extra allure to prospective renters.

Deciding how much time and money you spend on your property’s curb appeal is up to you, but my experience in residential property management has taught me that the more time and care you put into the exterior of your rental home, the more appealing your property is likely to be. If you’re wondering if updating your landscaping or sprucing up your paint job would be helpful for your rental, I’m here to help — leave a note in the comments or give me a call at 952-831-5300.

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